"kernel: calcru: negative runtime of -604787 usec for pid 16 (yarrow)" messages..

Rudy crapsh at MonkeyBrains.NET
Wed Oct 11 11:33:59 PDT 2006

Rob G. asked about "calcru: negative runtime " on Sun, 24 Sep 2006 13:14:27
and was not answered.  Well, I too have PDSMi+ motherboards and am 
getting the same error.

What is this error?
Is anyone else using the SuperMicro PDSMi+ motherboards with success?

I am running '6.1-RELEASE FreeBSD' and installed the i386 SMP kernel.

From:   sys/kern/kern_resource.c

        if ((int64_t)tu < 0) {
                printf("calcru: negative runtime of %jd usec for pid %d 
                    (intmax_t)tu, p->p_pid, p->p_comm);
                tu = ptu;

Thanks for any info,

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