Getting started with FreeBSD

Tore Lund toreld at
Wed Oct 11 07:14:02 PDT 2006

cothrige wrote:
> * Tore Lund (toreld at wrote:
>> I wondered about the same thing some time ago.  I was told by one of the
>> gurus to try packages-6-stable, which would most likely work with
>> 6.1-RELEASE.  So I tried to fetch the latest Firefox in this way:
>> pkg_add [no line break]
>> ftp://ftp.<mirror>,1.tbz
> Doesn't this seem a tad clunky and unfinished? [snip]

Agree completely, but as far as I can tell, them's the terms...

Let's hope that someone else will step in here and elucidate the matter.

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