How-to maintain upgrade??

Brian bri at
Mon Oct 9 17:19:06 PDT 2006

Gary Kline wrote:
> 	Last night (08 Oct 06) pkgdb -Fv ran without errors.  This after
> 	five weeks of rebuilding.  And now, I still haven't install
> 	gnome-lite; still waiting to get the ports upgrade issue
> 	resolved.
> 	I do a ports cvsup nightly and would like to run, say, portupgrade
> 	utils nightly as well.  Among  the upgraders-elite on this list,
> 	which is the best way to cron this.  Just a few (5, 6) years ago
> 	I only bothered with this weekly, sending myself weekend
> 	reminders to "upgrade".   Now I want to put something into cron.
> 	Suggestions on using port* and <<whatever>> very welcome indeed!
> 	thanks up front, people,
> 	gary
Some ports when you upgrade them require answers to questions, so I 
wouldn't portupgrade -aP via cron.


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