requesting help to make sound work on thin/diskless client

Raymond Gibson raymond.gibson at
Mon Oct 9 14:00:43 PDT 2006


I'm looking for help. I built a thin/diskless client that I boot via 
etherboot. After power up the client boots and gives me a login prompt. At 
that time I enter 'root' and I am presented with a command prompt. I then 
enter 'X -query <server ip>' and X starts and it works as expected.

I would like to add sound. Unfortunately, I can't find documentation 
describing this process. So, could someone explain to me how to configure the 
client/server? My server is FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE.

BTW: I installed an ISA soundblaster sound and compiled these lines into my 
kernel. The kernel detects the sound card during boot-up.
# Add the generic audio driver
device          sound
device          snd_sbc
device          snd_sb16

Thank you for you help.


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