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Mon Oct 9 03:39:37 PDT 2006

On 08 Oct jdow wrote:
> From: "dick hoogendijk" <dick at>
> >What is the best way to integrate spamassasin with sendmail?
> >MIMEDefang?
> Best is horridly subjective. I use procmail here with considerable
> success. However, what works for me is not necessarily ideal for you.
> Maybe a better description of the intended use would help.

You're right. 'Best' is subjective.
I want a quick and well documented way of installing 'some' util that
interacts with sendmail, so I can use spamd. I have things running pretty
slick with the courier package (mailfilter) on one server, but I want to
change to sendmail on another and simply *need* spamassassin to run.
I don't use procmail(!) otherwise the question was not asked.
A .procmailrc file would take care of this quite as easy as my mailfilter
file does now. But as said, I run sendmail with lmpt to cyrus.
Spam_milter is mentioned; I guess this is just for spamassassin, while
MIMEDefang can also integrate a (future) use of virus filtering.
I'll study some more..

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