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Desmond Coughlan coughlandesmond at
Sun Oct 8 23:24:45 PDT 2006

Yep, I've got that .. I tried logging in, and it took me directly to htdocs/index.html.
  Is it because the db isn't configured properly ?.

jan gestre < at> a écrit :

  On 10/8/06, jan gestre < at> wrote:  

  On 10/6/06, Desmond Coughlan < coughlandesmond at> wrote:         
you may want to try roundcube although it's still on beta the interface's rocks, nothing you ever experienced before, certainly cooler than squirrelmail with AJAX like interface. 
Interesting... OK, I've got roundcube installed, the tables are created, postgreSQL is running, apache is recompiled for PhP4 (which is installed also) ... oh, and I've installed IMAP4. 
  Now what ?  
  My question, I suppose, is .. what is the address used to access the web interface?

you need to configure and, usually just your username will do but if you can't, try username at

look for this part in roundcubemail/config/ :

// Automatically add this domain to user names for login
// Only for IMAP servers that require full e-mail addresses for login
// Specify an array with 'host' => 'domain' values to support multiple hosts
$rcmail_config['username_domain'] = '';

// This domain will be used to form e-mail addresses of new users
// Specify an array with 'host' => 'domain' values to support multiple hosts 
$rcmail_config['mail_domain'] = '';

just replace with your fqdn and your done! 

username: user1
password: *****


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