following RELENG_6_1

Thierry Lacoste th.lacoste at
Sat Oct 7 08:49:18 PDT 2006

I have a bunch of servers running FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE.
They perform crucial tasks like Samba domain control, LDAP directory, mail, 
Though I'm reluctant to touch them I feel that the recent Security 
(especially about ssh ans ssl) are a very good reason to follow RELENG_6_1.

I'd be grateful if someone could answer the following questions.

Is it possible that an upgrade might break software installed from the port?

I'm planning to use a build machine as explained in "Tracking for Multiple 
What are the alternatives? Is there an easiest yet safe way to go?
I was interested by /usr/ports/security/freebsd-update but some of my 
have "options QUOTA" so I guess it rules out freebsd-update.

Quoting FreeBSD-SA-06:23.openssl
> NOTE: Any third-party applications, including those installed from the
> FreeBSD ports collection, which are statically linked to libcrypto(3)
> should be recompiled in order to use the corrected code.
How can I find the applications which fall in this category?

Best regards,

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