Portsnap Update Question

Chris snagit at cbpratt.prohosting.com
Fri Oct 6 08:15:42 PDT 2006

On Oct 6, 2006, at 7:57 AM, RW wrote:

> On Friday 06 October 2006 15:14, Chris wrote:
>> I've been doing is then running portsnap fetch update to apply
>> patches to the ports. In doing so, I've not seen recompilations take
>> place and remained somewhat fuzzy as to whether I was merely
>> retrieving snapshots of source for whatever is in /usr/ports or if in
> You aren't even doing that. The ports tree is just a set of recipes  
> that tells
> the ports system how to get hold of the source and build the software
> automatically. When you run portsnap or cvsup (with a ports  
> supfile) you are
> simply updating those recipes.

Thanks all, major misunderstanding on my part. It's likely a problem  
with my ability to understand the documentation but I'd taken it to  
be an alternate method of keeping ports current. If I understand  
correctly, portsnap is only allowing the ports to install correctly  
in subsequent cd /usr/ports/*;make install sessions and adding new  
pointers for ports added to the tree.

I found a cookbook on portupgrade and will research portaudit next.

Thanks again.

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