checksum mismatch

jan gestre at
Thu Oct 5 20:14:32 PDT 2006

On 10/6/06, jan gestre < at> wrote:
> guys,
> i'm having problems with the amavisd-new port, portupgrade reports that
> there is a mismatch so amavisd-new won't update, i tried
> # make deinstall
> and
> # make reinstall
> i was able to deinstall it but i can't reinstall it :( i also tried:
> # make install clean
> with the same result, i have no idea how to fix this. anybody knows how to
> fix this?

i was able to fix it :D please ignore the thread :)


the checksum mismatch is causing a problem, the update from cvsup doesn't
match the checksum from the mirrors, tried changing the md5 of distinfo to
match the correct checksum but to no avail, so i downloaded
copied it to /usr/ports/distfiles and i did a make reinstall, whoala
it's working already :D

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