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> Subject: Re: tool for checking website
> You may use nagios port :)
> It also has web interface.
> Ivailo Tanusheff
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> Subject
> tool for checking website
> Hello 
> I'm looking for port which checks if a website is online or 
> not. My goal 
> is 
> regulary starts a script which do this for me. Any ideas?
> -- 
> Regards
> Martin 
> <info at>

Hi Martin,

I use the attached ruby script ( based on one i googled, and probably
not the best ruby
as it was my intro to the language...)
and a crontab line like this

0 */3 * * * $HOME/bin/webcheck.rb -v -m webmaster at

command line is

-v			send emails for an OK test also, otherwise only
send on website failure
-m email_addr	who to send the notification email to (has a default in
the code, typ used for testing)
URL			the URL of the site / page being tested.

This was written to monitor a friends business page when he was having
with the windows noddies who bought the isp... they deleted the DNS
configs in the first week
and sites 'just vanished' as the caches dried up .... and in the second
'Whats a shell server' and it shutdown .... (the saga continued) 

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