port 110 connection refused FreeBSD 6.2 server

admin at hdk5.com admin at hdk5.com
Thu Oct 5 14:04:34 PDT 2006


Installed  FreeBSD 6.2 beta, postfix and qpopper also on a mail server 
and  captured all stalled  emails into the hdkmail account I created for 
this purpose that were on another  failed server. I can read the mail by 
running mail from the command line. OK.

Remotely I can telnet into port 25 and get OK status.
Remotely I telnet into port 110  and it is refused.
Cyrus-sasl2 is on the server but the two lines that should report back 
for Authentication as per the how to  about AUTH NTML LOGIN PLAIN  
...(etc) ... are not there. I don't know whether this has to do with 
mail reading.
I would like to capture these emails off with mozilla or another reader 
remotely , but the connection to 110 qpopper is always refused from a 
remote box.

I read that there are issues with the auth in some setups, but no 
solutions offered.

Any ideas ?

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