Can't get direct rendering with i915

backyard backyard1454-bsd at
Thu Oct 5 10:56:47 PDT 2006

--- Alexandre Vieira <nullpt at> wrote:

> Hello folks,
> I'm setting up my laptop (Acer 1644WLMi) and I
> noticed some days ago that I
> don't have direct rendering with i915+drm.
> Any one knows if it is supposed to be like this?

the i915 drm module is still new to Release 6 of
freebsd. I believe it is still in beta and not very
functional. I am in the same boat as yourself with the
i845 chip. I know with linux I could get a full screen
console but I still have yet yo get vidcontrol to
change the screen size for me. 

I believe the linux driver is being used as a basis
for the freebsd one, but it hasn't fully been reverse
engineered yet. Unless your doing OpenGL specific apps
like CAD or games X will still run fine. If your doing
KDE you might want to turn off all the animated and
transparency junk.


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