W3Mail/Perl Mail Module

Don O'Neil don at lizardhill.com
Thu Oct 5 09:52:00 PDT 2006

Hi all... 

I know this isn't necessarily the right group to be asking, but I thought
I'd start here....

I have been using CascadeSoft's W3Mail webmail program, and up until last
night everything worked great.... We had a crash on the server, and
something obviously got corrupted....

Now when I try to send a message through W3Mail I get the following error:

Error: Message was not successfully sent.
The SMTP server responded: Can't call method "mail" on an undefined value at
/var/shc/servers/lizardhill.com/root/webmail/cgi/sendmessage.cgi line 179,
line 4.  

Line 179 is- 

I tried replacing the Net::SMTP module from Perl, thinking that maybe it was
corrupted, but still it gives the same error.

Any ideas where I should look/check next?

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