Compatibility Between Releases Policy

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Thu Oct 5 09:41:19 PDT 2006

Jason C. Wells writes:

>  Ports astonish me more often than FreeBSD to be sure.  If one
>  uses a port that was built on a 6.0 system, can one trust that no
>  bit rot will occur by the time 6.9 rolls around.

	If you mean "Is it guaranteed a binary built under x.0 will
run, even with remapped libraries, under x.9?" then the answer is
"Hell, no."
	If you mean "Will a port that builds sucessfully under both x.0
and x.9 be limited only by changes in the port and not in the OS?"
then the answer (as I understand it) is "Probably."

				Robert Huff

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