Removing removable ATA hard drives

Olivier Nicole on at
Thu Oct 5 02:00:35 PDT 2006

> > > I'm reluctant to experiment any more than I have done: the server
> > > the drive bay has been fitted to is our live fileserver, with 120GB
> > > of user data on two drives on the other ATA channel.
> >
> > I know I would take time to install the drive bay in a test machine,
> > with an old disk and play with it until I am 100% confident on the way
> > to mount and dismount your disk... Whatever others can say.
> Yes, so would I normally but I'm under pressure for a quick fix to this and a 
> number of other issues, as you might guess from the OS version on the server: 
> I'm trying to impose order on a bunch of inherited and undocumented servers 
> running (at least) 4.7-release, 4.9-release, 4.9-stable, 5.2-release, 
> 5.4-release-p6, plus Red Hat 6.0 and WinNT 4.0 SP6a.

Unless you need to move that disk from one machine to another, fix it
in your server, keep the tray for future testing when you will have
more time... (if we ever have more time in the present life :)


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