sshd stalling upon login

Philip Hallstrom freebsd at
Wed Oct 4 10:47:14 PDT 2006

> I just built some new FreeBSD servers, and I am trying to log into one of 
> them via sshd.  I am finding that the is  a lag between the connection and 
> receiving a prompt.  most likely this is because the IP address I am coming 
> from does not resolve.  But I am able to log into
> other servers via sshd from the same host that does not have IP inverse 
> resolution.
> So I copied the /etc/ssh/sshd_config and /etc/resolv.conf from the host that 
> does not stall me to the server that was stalling.  that did not clear up the 
> Problem.
> what other configuration files need to be augmented to get rid of this stall? 
> clues please?

In /etc/ssh/sshd_config add:

UseDNS no

Then restart sshd.


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