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Tue Oct 3 19:36:46 PDT 2006

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jan gestre wrote:
> On 10/4/06, Pete C <bsdneo at> wrote:
>> Quoting Michael Christensen <conphara at>:
>> > Hi,
>> >
>> >   I really hope that you're answering questions about installing
>> > FreeBSD, since I can't yet start threads on
>> >
>> >   My question is :
>> >   I have downloaded the entire FreeBSD 6.1 (about 17,5 GB) and made
>> > a FREEBSD directory on one of my HDs and now trying to install BSD
>> > on the other.
>> >   I'm booting from floppies and now can't understand why the
>> > sysinstall can't find the DOS partition on the slave. Is it because
>> > it's on a NTFS or what am I doing wrong?
>> >
>> >   Thomas
>> >
>> . . the easier way to install is to download the .iso files and burn
>> them to CD . . then use your boot floppies to start the install from
>> the CDs (or just boot from the CD if supported by your equip)
>> Pete C
> since you were to able download that much file size, i agree with pete the
> best way to install is via the .iso files, i dunno why is that the FreeBSD
> files you downloaded amounted to that much space that's odd, when i
> downloaded the iso's before, it only consists of iso's so that equals 2 cd.

	Sounds like Michael downloaded / mirrored the entire site for no
reason. Haha.. kind of defeats the purpose of the online installer
because you no doubt won't install all of the items that you found on
the FreeBSD site.
- -Garrett
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