SWAP priority

Bob bob at tania.servebbs.org
Mon Oct 2 13:32:25 PDT 2006

On Monday 02 October 2006 14:23, Charles Swiger wrote:

> Well, you might try benchmarking the system with both arrays used for
> swapping and with only the less-busy RAID array being used for
> swapping, and see which one does better.

Yes, this is what I will do; if not benchmark, at least get a subjective feel 
for which is faster.

Sorry to be a pest, but how can I do what you suggest? My SWAP0 is a 
_partition_  on the  raid0 volume , and SWAP1 is a swapfile on raid1 created 
as a Vnode; and activated in rc.conf by "swapfile="/raid1/swap1" 
How can I tell FreeBSD to ignore the primary swap partition?  I set that 
partition  up during the online install process if I recall, and none of 
my /etc/ files seem to reference it directly :-(

I will also want to double the size of SWAP1 to 2GB, so the experiment is 
comparing the same swap space; but that part is simplistic.


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