Can't Upgrade Python Through Ports

Ted Johnson whatawonderfulworldweliveintoo at
Mon Oct 2 11:34:57 PDT 2006

Right. I tried that before writing, but I forgot to specify as much. No, that didn't work either. Here are a couple of peculiarities:

* I took over this box from someone who didn't know the difference between FreeBSD and Linux. So, he built the original Python in a different dir.
* The original python powers several Zope instances.

Having said as much, years ago I had two versions of python running, one for Zope and one for everything else. So this should work. Anyway, it doesn't!

More ideas?

Ivan Levchenko <levchenko.i at> wrote: Try the following in the python port directory:

make install clean

On 10/2/06, Ted Johnson  wrote:
> Hi;
> I have python 2.3.5 and I'd like to upgrade to 2.4.3. I've tried installing from FreeBSD ports and the oldfashioned way from source code, with the "configure && make && make install" dance, and still when I call up my python interpreter it tells me I'm in 2.3.5! Why? I didn't do "altinstall"! What gives?
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