dell poweregde 2900/2950 and FreeBSD

Paul Schmehl pauls at
Mon Oct 2 10:18:29 PDT 2006

--On October 2, 2006 9:36:31 AM -0400 Bill Moran 
<wmoran at> wrote:
>> Bill, if those are the Broadcomm Extreme NICs (bce), you need to grab
>> the  new version of the if_bce.c file.  It fixed the problems that I
>> had with  the NICs.  There's a char inside the file that defines the
>> version - you  need 0.9.6.  You've got 0.9.5, I'll bet.
> Nope:
> char bce_driver_version[] = "v0.9.6";

Well, that's disappointing.  I guess we need to hope for version 0.9.7 to 
come out soon.

I haven't noticed similar problems on my 1950 though.  Wonder what the 
difference is?

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