RAM problems

stan stanb at panix.com
Sun Oct 1 09:28:17 PDT 2006

On Sun, Oct 01, 2006 at 09:00:39AM -0700, Dino Vliet wrote:
> Dear bsd people,
> I have this amd64 system running freebsd 6.1 with 1 GB
> of RAM and everything worked very well. Then I've
> added some  more ram, 2 gb extra, to be precise and
> aft first it seemd everything worked fine. I could
> load larger files and my java apps didn't give me
> out-of -memory problems anymore.
> But everytime I want to upgrade my ports or compile a
> new kernel, the machine would freeze and the only way
> to go was to use the reset button. I don't like the
> look of that.
> Has anyone had similar experiences? I've had two 512MB
> corsair memory banks, and added two 1GB banks (oem).
> I find it really strange that I can use the bigger RAM
> but compiling gives problems. Could it also be that
> the banks could be attached better in my motherboard?
> What should I do now? Continue using it, without
> portupgrading or compiling a new kernel or ask a new
> pair of banks at the store?

I would start by making a memtest86 bootable disk/CD
and let it run ovenight, myself.

Unix is very simple, but it takes a genius to understand the simplicity.
(Dennis Ritchie)

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