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   3D"" [5]Contact us 3D"" [6]Subscribe 3D"" [7]Send to   No. 1 - Sept. 2006<      3D"" PM Conference 3D"" EU Exports Increase 3D"" IWA Congress
   3D"" Plasto Ispack 2007 3D"" Israel TechNovation 3D"" 3D"" Exporting
   3D"" 3D"" The Prime Minister's Conference for Expo   Cooperation will be held in Tel Aviv on November 8-9   Intercontinental Hotel. 
   The Conference brings together the heads of indust   leaders of the international business community to dis   crucial issues, network, and establish business opportunit                   &nbs      3D""  [8]read more....
   3D"" 3D"" The 4-day Exhibition will open in Tel Av   and Convention Center on January 15-18, 2007.
      Plasto Ispack 2007, the 11th international exhibit   rubber and packaging, will be the showcase for Israel'   world-renowned plastics, rubber and packaging technologies and integr   ated solutions.
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   3D"" 3D"" Assia: Israeli exports to the EU will gr   Due to the renewed strengthening of the euro again   recent months, exports to the EU grew 10.6% in 2005    billion, and have been predicted to increase by 10% this year                   &nb       3D""
   3D"" 3D"" IVA highlights Israeli high-tech innovat   TechNovation Conference in Singapore 
   The Israel Venture Association (IVA) is set to hos   capital event, the Israel TechNovation Conference, to t   the Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore on October 31, 2006.                      &nbs      3D""  [11]read more....
   3D"" 3D"" IEICI and the Chinese embassy in Israel    Israeli delegation to Beijing in mid-September. 
   An Israeli delegation of 11 companies will attend    Water Congress in order to facilitate networking and join   investments using Israeli technology regarding future water projects    in China.
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   3D"" 3D"" This year also shows extraordinary growt   companies chosen as outstanding exporters for 2005.   In July, the IEICI, in the presence of Deputy Prim   Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor Eli Yishai, awarde   Awards to small businesses in the export field.
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