Morse + Thinklight is fun... but how do I stop it?

Norberto Meijome freebsd at
Tue May 30 20:51:08 PDT 2006

yes, ok, it's a silly subject...but this is what happened.

I found /usr/games/morse

I realised it could talk to /dev/led/thinklight ( on a Thinkpad).

I modified devfs to allow me to write to the led device

I run

morse -l SOS > /dev/led/thinklight

and of course it started blinking asking for help... many laughs later, i
decided that it was getting in the way of actually getting any work done... so
i tried to figure out how to stop it from sending morse away... 

It just keeps going on and on...

the only way to work around it right now is sending a Morse space (blank) -
which switches it off, but if I want to actually use the light, then I can't
because after a second it gets powered down too :-)

What am I missing? (yes, i guess I could unload acpi_ibm and load again, but
i'd like something more elegant...) (same goes for reboot).


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