problems with Nice and Dump in FreeBSD 6.1-Current (Stable-#5)

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Fri Jun 30 15:03:24 UTC 2006

Brian McKeon wrote:

>I've been having some issues using nice...
>I usually setup a system building script to automate
>things when I go out or to sleep. something along
>these lines...
>echo "cd /usr/sys; make clean && make buildworld &&
>make buildkernel" > /root/makeme; chmod u+x
>then I would under rel_5 just type 
>nice -n -20 /root/makeme
>under Rel_6 this gives a "incorrectly formed number
>error" more or less according the the man pages this
>should be valid as they basically give this as an

nice is a csh builtin which uses a different (historic) format

(cartman)38# nice -n -20 /bin/ls
nice: Badly formed number.
(cartman)39# which nice
nice: shell built-in command.
(cartman)40# whereis nice
nice: /usr/bin/nice /usr/share/man/man1/nice.1.gz /usr/src/usr.bin/nice
(cartman)41# /usr/bin/nice -n -20 /bin/ls
list of files
{cartman}42# nice -20 /bin/ls
list of files

Did you change shells between releases?  Maybe bash uses the new format.

>Then with Dump...
>It seems to hit the fan with large filesystems, and
>this seems new to rel_6 at least in my experience. I
>can dump my root and var systems correctly but my usr
>file system never works, gives errors during restore,
>but comeplete the dump. I've been tarring things up
>lateley, probably will keep dumping to just the root
>system and tar var once I have websites on it.
Show us the error message!  And the dump command while you are at it.


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