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Fri Jun 30 13:45:27 UTC 2006


I was asked by management to put information about all our servers
(OS release, machine type, disk space, RAM space, installed databases,
development tools, ...) into somehow an regulary updated overview,
perhaps based on a database or XML files (we are speaking about
less than hundred systems, most of them UNIX types, some XP).

It would also be nice if some of the above mentioned information is
updated automatically by fetching them over night across the network
with some kind of scripts (for example OS, disk and RAM). At least
the presentation should be done in HTML.

Before I start to build something from scratch by my own hand,
I wanted to ask if there is something in FreeBSD ports for that
or if someone is knowing a good tool for that.

Thx in advance

Matthias Apitz
Manager Technical Support - OCLC PICA GmbH
Gruenwalder Weg 28g - 82041 Oberhaching - Germany
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