A New FreeBSD Server

Dylan Cochran heliocentric at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 02:52:05 UTC 2006

On 6/26/06, Bob Richards <bob at tamara-b.org> wrote:
> [...]
> OK; Install "successfully" completed, want to add APPS? Sure! Why not! So I
> picked out
> some editors and shells I use all the time, and PORTS went out to get
> them..... at this
> point, my DSL connecton went down! Damn! I reset the router, and back
> up..... BUT An IP
> change occurred and the download from the FTP site never continued!  I could
> do nothing
> except "ABORT" the install! So fine! I aborted..... Since I had received the
> "Congratulations" on an Install message, I "ASSUMED" all I had to do was
> re-boot from HD
> and go to SYSINSTALL and complete the install. NOT!

With packages installed from the ftp servers (not from the cdl; as the
packages on the cd will generally match the package list at the time
of disk fabrication),  it's usually simpler to not install binary
packages until after the first boot. sysinstall can be run at any time
after the install and work fine (though not for disk slicing/labeling
on the boot drive).

It will not only 'solve' strange problems with regards to sysinstall's
package error handling, but it will also let you multitask while the
Really Big Meta-Packages (gnome, kde) download, which can take hours
on some connections/servers.

For reference, pkg_add -r portname (ex. pkg_add -r gnome) seems to be
the canonical way to install binary packages from the web.
sysinstall's a not-to-pretty hack of a binary that filled a need and
was user friendly and stable enough, not really flexible beyond
installing things off a dos partition or cd.

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