Are hardware vendors starting to bail on FreeBSD ... ?

Joao Barros joao.barros at
Thu Jun 29 14:25:08 UTC 2006

On 6/29/06, David Robillard <david.robillard at> wrote:
> > The other selling point for me on HP was the 2.5" SAS drives ... our new
> > servers have 4x72G SAS drives in a 1U space, which means I can do RAID1+0
> SAS drives are coming in strong. It's what all new machines will have
> in the server market in upcoming years. Just take a look at new
> machines from Sun, IBM and HP, they all switched to SAS drives.
> They're great, really. But so far I've yet to see 15K rpm in 2,5" SAS
> form factor.

 I'm talking out of my mouth here but maybe the extra storage density
used in SAS compensates for the lack of 15K rpm.

Joao Barros

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