Are hardware vendors starting to bail on FreeBSD ... ?

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Wed Jun 28 22:44:48 UTC 2006

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> On Wed, 28 Jun 2006, Nikolas Britton wrote:
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> > Do you offer Xen hosting Chad?.. and back on topic... What's the point
> > of iLO Marc? What's wrong with having your server text message your
> > cell phone and then you ssh in and check what's wrong / fix it? If
> > it's a hardware problem you'll have to show up anyways, right?

If the server is 300KM from... no you don't want to.
If the server is in another country for you don't want to.
If you have to pay extra for someone to reboot, put a cd, whatever on
the machine, no you don't want to.
Think this through outside your usual enviroment.

> iLO allows me to power cycle my server, re-install the operating system,
> access the BIOS, access the console, etc ... all operating system
> independent (or with no operating system installed at all) ... the only
> 'hands on' I need is, as you put it, to replace hardware that might go
> wrong, but, for instance, with 'just a serial console', like the non-HP
> servers, I have to get a remote tech to power cycle whenever the deadlocks
> I'm experiencing right now happen ... with iLO, I login to the iLO CLI,
> and tell the server to reboot itself ...

iLOs rock! :-)

Joao Barros

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