multiple links with single ln command

sara lidgey slidgey at
Wed Jun 28 16:12:22 UTC 2006

Thanks for all the ideas.  They are very helpful.

Brian O'Shea <b_oshea at> wrote: It can be done with a shell for-loop:

$ mkdir a b c
$ for dir in a b ; do (cd $dir ; ln -s ../c clink) ; done

But this is technically not a single command, and it assumes that
you are using the Bourne Shell (/bin/sh) or a Bourne-compatible shell
(ksh, zsh, bash, etc.).  If you are a csh or tcsh user, may God help
you. (I mean look up the syntax in the appropriate man page.)


--- sara lidgey  wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've read the man page for ln but can't find a way to do this.  I want to
> create multiple links to a single directory with one command.  Consider the
> following example.  I have a directory structure like this:
> test/a/
> test/b/
> test/c/
>  I want to create a symbolic link called "clink" in test/a/ and test/b/ which
> points to test/c/
> The only way I know to do this is with two commands:
> ln -s test/c test/a/clink
> ln -s test/c test/b/clink
> Can it be done with a single command?
> thanks.  sorry if this is a no-brainer,
> S

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