24/7/365 commercial support wanted

pobox at verysmall.org pobox at verysmall.org
Wed Jun 28 15:17:25 UTC 2006

 > It's true they seem to prefer RedHat, but I run FreeBSD on servers
 > hosted at Rackspace. Their FreeBSD support, in my experience, is
 > generally excellent, and their pricing is fair. Of course that is for
 > servers hosted at one of their sites, which may not be what is wanted.

We do host there, and their FreeBSD support is great, that's true. 
However, they do not want to promise it. I tried to convince them to say 
that they will support it and that I can accept if given shift does not 
have a FreeBSD capable person, but they are very careful to promise 
things they can not keep.

The perfect thing would have been if they offer the support. They have 
been answering the phone within 2-3 seconds every time I called the last 
several years. But may be it is too much for them to promise to support 


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