New install, rebuilding world

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Tue Jun 27 15:16:00 UTC 2006

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Subject: New install, rebuilding world

> I'm new to FreeBSD, but I've been reading alot in the
> Handbook about building custom kernels and rebuilding
> world, and still can't seem to find what I'm looking
> for.
> I want to be able to recompile my whole system so that
> it's optimized for my hardware, but I'd rather not
> track -Stable and have to rebuild a whole slew of
> stuff every few days.

Track RELEASE security fix branch - the brach you want to cvsup is for 
example RELENG_6_1 for the bugfix and maintenance release for 6.1 
(cvsupping RELENG_6 would get you stable from 6 branch, which is at 
the moment 6.1 stable).

For the hardware etc - just tweak the make.conf and kernel config file 
to suit your needs.

> Can someone give me some advice (or point me to some
> documentation) on recompiling the -Release6.1 and then
> doing light maintenance (bug fixes, security updates)
> afterwards?

The rest of if goes by the handbook - you can cvsup by hand or just 
make a script running once a week or so and alerting you if there are 
changes in release sources. Basically the regular buildworld - 
buildkernel - installkernel - installworld process is the recommended 
way to update, but now and then you can do smaller fixes just going to 
directory and doing a make install from there (but doing that you're 
on your own).


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