mpd simultaneous connection limited to 2 (VPN connectio limit)

Nikos Vassiliadis nvass at
Mon Jun 26 09:48:48 UTC 2006

On Monday 26 June 2006 12:09, Ertan Küçükoglu wrote:
> Hello,
> I had the problem of VPN connection limit. I want to have 10-20 VPN
> connections at the same time. However, only 2 connections can be made.
> 3rd person wait for somebody to logout.
> I use mpd from the ports. There are 20 different netgraph connections
> defined in mpd.conf and mpd.links file also updated accordingly. I can
> post the configuration upon request.

please post the configuration files.

> I could not find any similar question for VPN and connection limits in
> the mail list archives.

What's the ouput of "bundle" in mpd?
mpd is very chatty, Could you post 200-300 lines of messages attached
to your message?

> Any help will be appreciated.
> Ertan Küçükoglu

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