USB Keyboards (media keys)

Jeff Molofee nehe at
Mon Jun 26 07:05:40 UTC 2006

I'm sure this has been asked before, but I'd love to know the answer :)

I have a Saitek USB keyboard. It has just 3 additional media keys. I 
have tried xev, xkeybind, etc and can not get a response from any of the 
keys. Aside from these three keys returning nothing at all, the keyboard 
works fine. They keys are volume down, up and mute. All keys I would 
love to get working in Gnome 2.14.x

I know with my old keyboard, when using it in usb mode none of the media 
keys worked on it either, but if I put the PS2 adapter on, they all worked.

Is this a problem with FreeBSD's USB support for keyboards, or am I 
missing something simple?

Any help would be appreciated.

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