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dick hoogendijk wrote:

> MySQL is now the default. OK. But what happens if I run the command
> "portupgrade -rfo databases/mysql50-client mysql-client"
> Nothing's is said about database compatibilities.
> Q: is it needed to change (advantages?)
> Q: is it safe to change? ;-)
> Q: how do I use my existing databases after the upgrade?
> Thanks for the help / advice.

In general, MySQL 5.0 is fully backward compatible with MySQL 4.1.  The
advantages of updating are improved performance, longer support lifetime,
 bug fixes and new functionality like stored procedures.

Updating is generally safe, but make sure to have good backups just in
case.  Data files etc. are compatible between the two versions, but you
should run the 'mysql_upgrade' script (part of mysql-server-5.0.22)
which will fix up anything that needs to be fixed as a consequence of the
upgrade -- there tend to be regular changes to what Grants are available
which means altering various of the mysql.* tables.

All your existing databases will be immediately usable after that, and in
exactly the same way as you used them before.  There's not even any need to
dump and reload databases.



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