Modifieng source

John Andrewartha mulgajohn at
Sat Jun 24 11:23:31 UTC 2006

Hi and once again thanks,

I have nearly solved the usb modem problem.
Checking around I find OpenBSD have a fix, I need to enter a little more usb_quirks.c ...

To date I have added the entry

which is the same as OpenBSD use and recomend.

When I do a make it breakes with the following errors
initialization element in constant
( near initialization for usb_quirks [33] quirks

Obviously I am doing some thing wrong.  What. Help Please.

My programming days are so fare behind me that there are relics undergoing fosilisation.

Cheers John

PS Solve this and we may have a solution to thos 3G cards that Telstra sell.

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