migrating to 64-bit

Michael P. Soulier msoulier at digitaltorque.ca
Sat Jun 24 01:45:00 UTC 2006

On 21/06/06 Nikolas Britton said:

> The consensus seems to be that FreeBSD/amd64 is a tad slower then
> FreeBSD/i386 because it has to deal with 32 extra bits. The primary
> reason to use FreeBSD/amd64 seems to be if you need greater then 4GB
> of RAM.
> This should give you the speed boost your looking for:
> CPUTYPE?=pentium2
> CFLAGS+= -mtune=nocona
> COPTFLAGS+= -mtune=nocona
> Put that in /etc/make.conf and recompile ports/kern/world.

Cool, thanks.


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