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Fri Jun 23 22:50:07 UTC 2006

Hi Christopher!

GFS (Global File System) is for Red Hat Linux, but GPL, if you have the
programming muscle to port it.

But does MySQL support accessing one file storage from two separate
servers? Even with GFS, applications must play along and do _proper_
filelocking without hanging on to exclusive locks unnecessarily.

Also, if you really do need to go with a cluster file system, you
probably easily have the pennies necessary for buying Red Hat and GFS
subscriptions and do it that way, considering that proper shareable SAN
storage is not (yet) available for a butterbread. The el-cheapo variant
of SAN storage would be iSCSI.

As for ftp; replication or NFS probably are the cheapest solutions.



On Fri, Jun 23, 2006 at 09:03:03PM +1000, Christopher Martin wrote:
> Is there, or are there any plans for, a cluster file system for FreeBSD?
> Does anyone know of an open-source one that could be ported?
> Would be great to have two servers dishing out MySQL, ftp, etc from a single
> chunk of RAID rather than having to muck about replicating between the two
> boxen.
> C Martin
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