Installing FreeBSD 4.9 on a Windows/XP Professional system.

Andrey Slusar anrays at
Fri Jun 23 19:34:39 UTC 2006

Fri, 23 Jun 2006 15:12:13 -0400, Walt Haynes wrote:

> 	Good afternoon. I have a Compaq SR1810NX with a 100GB hard
> drive split into four equal partitions of 23GB. Two are initialized
> (one with Windows/XP (C) and the other with a quick format (G)); the
> file systems are NTFS. The other two partitions (D and E) are
> uninitialized. I have FreeBSD 4.9 on three CD'S that I'd like to
> install into one of the uninitialized partitions.

 FreeBSD ports officialy is unsupported for 4.x and 4.9 is not latest
4.x release. When you installed new system, now RELENG_6_1 is recommended.

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