Does anyone run VNC with 64-bit FreeBSD (amd64)?

Greg Lane greg.lane at
Fri Jun 23 00:49:41 UTC 2006

On Thu, Jun 22, 2006 at 04:15:47PM -0700, pete wright <nomadlogic at> wrote:
> hmm, so there is no way to run the app's which are not 64bit clean in
> 32bit mode in your environment?

I did test one of them. It works, but I don't have time to 
mess with all of them, and finding the 32-bit libraries and 
putting them in the right place took me forever. I am afraid I am 
not a great programmer...

However, I can quickly do a reinstall safely since I have a recent 
backup and all my /data and /home file systems are on 
separate disks I can just unplug.  It comes down to a "how much time 
do I have to spare issue" and in the end the machine has to be back
up today.  I already have my own "instant-server" meta-port that 
installs all my standard ports. It only takes a couple of hours
and I can do some other work while I wait. 

> >> Also, if you are
> >> running a Unix like OS why use VNC?  You can achive %90 of the same
> >> features (with less of a memory/cpu impact) by running X apps
> >> remotely.
> >
> >What about the other 10%?  We use VNC because it saves state
> >for those of my users who work from multiple locations, at home,
> >at work and some are even based overseas. They don't want to
> >restart up to 20 windows every time they logon. Remote access
> >in this form is essential for their productivity.
> >
> screen?
> /usr/port/sysutils/screen

My users need up to 20 instances of a graphical analysis package 
which has a text-based control window that spawns two graphical 
windows.  They run a window manager with 24 virtual desktops, 
each running an instance of this program. As much as I love 
screen (I use it constantly for sysadmin-type work and I have 
mutt running constantly on one of my "screen"s), it doesn't quite 
fulfill our needs for this task.
> I hope this is taken as friendly advice to save you work....

No drama! Friendly advice is always gratefully received. Especially 
if it is aimed at saving me work!  Unfortunately I think rolling 
back the OS is the least work for me at this point in time. 

Thanks again, I do appreciate the advice. 


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