dhcp resolv.conf and loading priority of network cards

Mikhail Goriachev mikhailg at webanoide.org
Thu Jun 22 11:51:31 UTC 2006

dick hoogendijk wrote:
> I have tow nics: a re0 (cabled) and an ath0 (wifi) card. I want the
> latter to use dhcp like this:
> defaultrouter=""
> hostname="arwen.nagual.st"
> ifconfig_re0=" netmask"
> ifconfig_ath0="dhcp ssid air01 nwkey 0xc1e1639b753021ab6d64be2575
> hidessid authmode shared"
> What happens is that the ath0 card gets loaded first (not wanted!) plus
> the dhcp setting changes my resolv.conf (not wanted either).
> How do I get this changed? re0 first, than my ath0 and NO changes to
> resolv.conf?
> System: freebsd-6.1R

Not sure about initialising interfaces in specific order but if you
don't want to accept changes from a DHCP then:

	man dhclient.conf (look at supersede)


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