NFS Server and MS Windows

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Thu Jun 22 10:28:11 UTC 2006

DSA - JCR wrote:

>I have read it and downloaded, but it seems to be something obsolete (v.
>3.5 is from 2004) and I suspect they hasn't made nothing new.
It supports NFSv3 and TCP mounts which (right now) is all you want.  
We'll see if MS start to support NFSv4, but right now, IIRC, even BSD 
may not support that fully. 

The thing about software, is that if it works, it doesn't need 
updating.  NFS does not get 38 new features a fortnight so doesn't need 
patching all the time.  If the software worked in 2004, and the standard 
didn't change, MS would have no need to update anything.

I cannot say that MS NFS works fine, because I am still evaluating it 
myself.  I can say that googling *didn't* turn up millions of problems.  
So it's probably the case that since this is a relatively 
straightforward protocol with a well defined standard (RFC), even MS 
could find competent programmers to implement it.


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