pkg_add is driving me NUTS!

Björn König bkoenig at
Thu Jun 22 07:23:01 UTC 2006

Remington L schrieb:
> I have two servers, exact same hardware, exact same version of FreeBSD, in
> this case 4.10. When I run pkg_add blah.tbz on one machine, it takes 
> between
> 2-8 hours, on the other 8-10 minutes. These machines are quad-Intel
> 2.8Xeons, with 4GB of memory.
> Ive done everything from running make world, to md5ing pkg_add, bzip2, and
> tar, there identical.
> I noticed on the one thing, on the machine that takes forever, bzip2 is 
> only
> using 1-3% load, while the other, which does work, takes 100%. I have SMP
> compiled into the kernel, well actually, there both using the exact same
> kernconf.
> Anyone have ideas??

I would try to encircle the problem. Try to compress and decompress 
idendical random data with bzip2 on both machines. Try also the GENERIC 
kernel without SMP. At a glance I would assume that there is a hardware 


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