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Paul Schmehl pauls at
Wed Jun 21 04:18:29 UTC 2006

--On June 20, 2006 10:51:46 PM -0500 Denny White <dennyboy at> 
> Okay, might be off base here, so someone correct me if
> I'm wrong. Don't you also have to remove the following
># ifdef SMP
># error DEVICE_POLLING is not compatible with SMP
># endif
># endif
> from /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_poll.c ?
> You'll get an error part of the way through building
> the kernel otherwise, right? Like I said, that's the
> way I remember it. Just trying to save someone some
> unnecessary work.
I've only compiled the SMP kernel on the AMD64 architecture, but I did not 
have to edit any source files.  I added "options      SMP" to the GENERIC 
kernel and compiled with no problems.

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