AMD64 Desktop Support

Cor van Wandelen wanderingidea at
Wed Jun 21 01:08:37 UTC 2006

On Mon, 19 Jun 2006 22:35:15 -0700
Michael Collette <Metrol at> wrote:

> Bit of a dilemma here with my primary desktop machine suddenly up and 
> dieing on me.  I'm now in the market to slap together a new PC
> I've started with looking at picking up an AMD64 based system.  After 
> Googling around for a while I still have some concerns I haven't been 
> able to address.  Probably just not looking the right places.
> Mostly I'm worried about some of the proprietary stuff like Flash, 
> Acrobat, nVidia Drivers, Java, and the like not working.
> Is anyone out there actively using the AMD64 processor as a desktop 
> machine?  Are any of these 32-bit apps going to prove to be a show 
> stopper for me?
> The alternative appears to be the P4 with all the motherboards I've
> seen using audio devices that aren't supported.  Still, I'd rather
> buy an old sound card and have all the software at least functional.
> Any advice out there?
> Thanks,
I tried the AMD64 version some time ago. 

Unfortunately I have to use Win'XP sometimes and an ext2 filesystem with
the right Windows driver enables me to share files between XP and

For me 'Problem Report amd64/69704 : ext2/ext3 unstable in amd64' was
the reason to switch back to the 32 bits version of FreeBSD again as it
locked up every time I wrote or read a ext2 filesystem.


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