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Tue Jun 20 20:44:29 UTC 2006

I got Squid installed with squidGaurd. It appears to be working as I have
denied port 80 from the internal interface using IPFW and if the proxy is
not used internet no worky.. ;-)

I'm having troubles now figuring out how to get a good list of site to block
and where to put them. I have read something about a db being used and also
found a script that I can add to cron that will update the db list. 

I think a great deal of my confusion is related to my lack of understanding
how this squidGaurd works. I'm heading to the site yet again.. Thanks in
advance for any assistance. 


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Shawn Guillemette wrote:
> Hello, 
>             I have recently been thinking about adding content filtering
> my FreeBSD fire wall at home as the kids are starting to use the internet
> more and they are getting older too ;-) 
> I'm running FreeBSD 4.11 RELEASE using IPFW as my firewall. The system its
> running on is an old alpha machine. I was wondering if anyone knew of a
> that I could use to filter some web content from my children. I do have
> X86 option as well Just have to reload the OS and start from scratch on
> another system. 
> Thanks 
> Shawn 
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I'd look at squid+squidguard.  Both are opensource and available in ports.

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