USB-Serial ??

John Andrewartha mulgajohn at
Tue Jun 20 09:29:49 UTC 2006

Hi Guy's and Girls,
Thanks for the advice.  I tried umodem, bur the driver could not put the 
device into asinc and failed. Exit 6.
As I had little time left I had to reload that other OS.
It appears the device make in the USA is one of those that you can set the 
power level softly, not allowed by FCC, ACA...
The windriver would I presume know how to switch the device.

Of surprise is the device and simular are fairly commen in North America.
The particular laptop is used for the childrens schooling.
We are doing a sailing cruse of the East Coast of AU,havent spotted Nemo 
yet, but the local whale population has kept us ammused.

Thanks for your support
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