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Mon Jun 19 16:33:28 UTC 2006

Is this the correct formum for an Xorg question? None the Xorg project lists
seem to be the equivalent of the XFree86 user's list.

I have a thinkpad T42p running 6.1 cvsup'd to 6/17. Without X the S1 and S3
states work perfectly. I left the system in an S3 suspend for about 3 hours with
virtually zero battery drain. Great work by the acpi team.

The video is a Raedon ATI so I am using the ati driver.  Doing an S3 suspend
gets the black screen lockup upon resuming described many times on this list.
Commenting out the dri module, the resume works, but the bottom half of the KDE
desktop background is not restored. KDE control panel can be used to to correct

I use the lid notify to issue an xrefresh command. This shows (I think) the data
in the scrren buffer is corrupted. This is clearly an bug in the ati driver
which has been reported by linux users 1000s of times. ATI seems to think they
support Linux so maybe something will happen.

My last question: is there another X command that would cause X to think it had
lost the background data or a way to automatically have KDE refresh the desktop
background? I have tried using a xrefresh command to restore the screen.

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