random(4) confusions

no at spam at mgedv.net nospam at mgedv.net
Mon Jun 19 13:42:24 UTC 2006


if i run man 4 random, i'll get the following:

     The kern.random.sys.burst variable instructs the kernel thread that
     cesses the harvest queue to tsleep(9) briefly after that many events
     been processed.  This helps prevent the random device from being so
     pute-bound that it takes over all processing ability.  A value of 0
     (zero) is treated as infinity, and will only allow the kernel to pause
     the queue is empty.  Only values in the range [0..20] are accepted.

if i try to read/set this setting, sysctl returns:
sysctl: unknown oid 'kern.random.sys.burst'

what's wrong, my kernel or the manpage?

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