Please help - adaptec 2820sa not ... RESOLVED

Ensel Sharon user at
Mon Jun 19 01:48:00 UTC 2006

On Mon, 19 Jun 2006, Jahilliya wrote:

> > Ok, aac is in the dmesg.
> >
> > I can see both 2820sa cards in the dmesg, and I see no errors, etc. -
> > there are just no drives listed in dmesg.
> >
> > My setup is 8 500 Gb drives in a single raid-6 array, size ~2.8TB.  Any
> > problems with that ?  Perhaps sysinstall cannot deal with a >2TB drive
> > ?  There are no other drives in the system besides the single 2.8TB raid 6
> > array ...
> >
> Have you got any other drives you can attach to the raid?
> If so, disconnect the 8 drives connected, connect up a couple that are
> not part of the raid and configure them as a simple raid 1 and see if
> the installers sees that raid. Or try any combination in drives to
> bring the raid size down below 2TB (I'm sure this limitation has been
> fixed.)

Ok, the answer is that it has not been fixed.

6.1 sysinstall does in fact see both 2820sa controllers, and when I put in
a single 160GB sata drive, it does see that single drive and I can install
onto it, etc.

Sysinstall does _not_ see my 2.7TB raid6 array.  I suspect that if it were
smaller than 2TB, it would see it correctly.

I have a number of options with which to deal with this, all of which
involve either wasting money or wasting disk space.  Fantastic.

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