[Hou-freebsd] Serious breach of copyright -- First post

David Hoffman zionicman at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 00:55:13 UTC 2006

On 6/18/06, Ingrid Kast Fuller <ingrid at cityscope.net> wrote:
>  If someone added it to the freebsd-config mailing list, they should not
> have mailed a copyritten piece on a mailing list for public use.
> This has been added to the bottom of the page since we are unsure of the
> originator:

Things can be distributed on public mailing lists while still retaining
their copyright.  soup at arbornet.org did nothing to void his exclusive rights
to the work in question.

*We have been given the email address of: soup at arbornet.org as the original
> copyright person. Unfortunately, we have no way of confirming this as yet.
> We are trying to locate WHO originally wrote this. We took this off the
> freebsd-config mailing list which is a public mailing list.*

You've been provided both with an archive of initial publication including
soup at arbornet.org's address as the author, as well as a URL to a DMCA
takedown notice hosted in his webspace.  This is sufficient.

*It seems this David Hoffman is directly attacking our group. Because there
> are no references to HOUFUG being a part of an organized group to adopt
> English as the official language.   HOUFUG does not have any political ties
> with anyone. We only have a FreeBSD mailing list to discuss FreeBSD issues.
> *

I'm not directly attacking your group.  If you're not political, and I'm
arguing against something political, how could I possibly be 'attacking'
your group?

"On a related note, the FUG seems to be part of an organized group to
> convince all States to adopt English as an official language, a bigoted and
> misguided policy."
> I personally have a link to the US English organization on my PERSONAL
> home page of www.ingridfuller.com.   This has nothing to do with HOUFUG or
> FreeBSD at all.  What I believe in is my business and my right as a citizen
> of the United States.  This is NOT a misguided or bigoted policy.  We've
> been speaking English since Day 1 and the International Language is

You certainly have a right to be misguided and bigoted.  Americans have
spoken English since 'Day 1', but they've also spoken several other
languages since that time, and today speak even more.  The lingua franca of
the world today may be English, but it doesn't follow from that that it
should be the official language of all states.

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> *Subject:* [Hou-freebsd] Serious breach of copyright -- First post
> **It appears the page at http://www.houfug.org/help/install_freebsd.htmconstitutes a serious breach of copyright.  The article, which was
> originally written and posted to the Internet by the owner of the account
> soup at arbornet.org, is falsely attributed to the Houston FUG, whose members
> maliciously removed all reference to its original creator.  On a related
> note, the FUG seems to be part of an organized group to convince all States
> to adopt English as an official language, a bigoted and misguided policy.
> Plagiarism should not be tolerated.
> Thanks.

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